Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Thurrock Conservatives celebrate victory over Fobbing bus service

WEDNESDAY’S Full Council saw Conservative Councillor for Fobbing, Deborah Stewart, succeed in her campaign for a bus route to serve Fobbing.

Cllr Stewart said "Since the Labour administration cut funding for the 374 service, Conservatives Councillors for Fobbing have been pushing for some sort of replacement. This callous cut left residents with a 3 mile hike to access shops, banks or post office facilities, and with an increasing older population this would have left them isolated in the winter months. We have spent six months ‘going through the motions’ to get action with the cross party scrutiny committee agreeing that funds from parking charges should cover the costs."

At the meeting Deborah outlined that the time for talking has come to an end and action was needed. Whilst assurances were given for a possible extension to the 11 bus route in 2016, the Labour Cabinet will need to discuss the proposed 3 days a week service at their next meeting in early December.

Deborah added "It was great to get unanimous support to ensure Fobbing residents are supported with a bus route – it will also be an opportunity for the community to show their support and use the bus regularly.

Seeing emails earlier this year where the Labour Leader refused to allow a small amount of the £8m plus council reserves to pay for this was disappointing to say the least. But I understand that group leaders have been told that the Council is on track to finishing the year with an operating surplus that can pay for this more than 10 times over, so I hope the Labour administration will use this to ensure Fobbing and Horndon residents are literally not left out in the cold this winter."


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