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Ban for sex act teacher in Thurrock

A MUSIC teacher who showed students whips, chains, and paddles, touched one student inappropriately, challenged the sexuality of another – a vulnerable 17-year-old – and offered to spank one of them has been banned from teaching for life.

The ban on Daniel James Green, who taught at Thurrock Music Services was imposed on behalf of Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, after findings by a disciplinary panel that Green, 42, was guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and that his behaviour towards the pupils was “sexually motivated.”

The National College of Teaching and Leadership Panel (NCTL) who dealt with the case in Coventry quotes passages from messages sent by Green to the 17-year-old boy.

In them Green, who did not attend the disciplinary hearing, boasted about “loving life as a dom with loads of my boys” and stated: “I am taking the moral stick out of my a**e and helping young gay men do the same.”

There were graphic and sexual connotations in the messages and in another he told his pupil: “If anyone has given you a hard time for being gay or bisexual let me know who they are and I will put them on my ‘to do’ list.”

In a witness statement the boy said : “Due to what Dan was saying he made me believe that I could be bisexual and I thought I could be for a short time. Dan would constantly try to persuade me to split up with my girlfriend at the time.”

The pupil eventually reported Green to the police for harassment, and a search of the tutor’s home uncovered two cases of sadomasochism equipment, including whips, chains, and spanking paddles.

The panel found Green had shown off the items to a student and one of his friends. The friend told the tribunal he willingly went to Green’s home, and was once groped on the bottom. The tribunal also heard he had offered to spank students.

In June last year Green was convicted of harassment and given a six month conditional discharge and restrained from further harassment.

Banning him from teaching for life NCTL official, Paul Heathcote, said it was “a serious case involving sexually motivated misconduct with a pupil.”

He said Green had “continued to behave in an unacceptable way which was sustained over three to four months.”

He said he supported the panel’s recommendation that he should be banned from the country’s classrooms and added that he should never be allowed to seek to have the ban lifted.

Green, who in a statement to police said: “I’m sorry I overstepped the line,” has a right of appeal to the High Court against the decision.

Daniel Green joined Thurrock Music Services in January 2012 and resigned in October 2014. He did not provide any services after the summer of 2013.

His work with Thurrock Music Services was paired tuition with whole primary-age classes – that is he and another teacher worked together with a class.

The cases cited are unrelated to any young person in or associated with Thurrock.


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