Tuesday, February 27, 2024

C2C timetable controversy…and the journey home was..

THERE were mixed experiences for Thurrock commuters as they returned home on the first day of the new C2C timetable.

The first picture we had at just after 4pm from Fenchurch Street was an empty carriage.

@spencercarter said: "I have to say 8.26 from Ockendon to Fen was virtually empty and also got seat on 4.54 tonight. Seemed ok to me?"

@suemaebug said: "8.10 via ock is a better time for me, got a seat and its not packed.Need to give this at least a week before we criticise."

After that, there were more complaints.

@brillfab said "Awful. Trains are half the number of carriages, quarter the number of seats".

@michelleS666: "Yep as predicted can barely get on Ockendon train from Limehouse 5.30. 4 carriages is a joke. People will get injured!!!

@pkpwnod said: "I was waiting for 5:20 from west ham to ockendon and loads of people not being able to get on train. Couldnt get on 5:20 either!!!".

@crouchy_b: "Your new timetable is a joke. No room what so ever. It’s the worst thing use have ever done changing this time table!"

@croak84 said: "And people physically fighting to get on a train to Rainham, someone at C2C please tell me how youre going to ensure we’re safe?"

and finally, @javelinsam: "C2C have seriously messed up.. this timetable and carriage formation is a disaster."

C2C responded on social media by saying: "This is only the first day of the timetable. we predict there will be an improvement as customers adjust to it


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