Thursday, June 20, 2024

C2C pledges to review changes after another day of chaos on rail line

RAIL operator C2C has said it will review changes to its timetable after a deluge of complaints from commuters.

Thousands of commuters who pay upward of £2500 for season tickets have taken to local media to complain about the changes that went live on Sunday night.

If you can sum up the complaints it is that they feel there are fewer seats and longer journey times.

Communications manager, Chris Atkinson said: "We’re trying to get the right balance. We’ve made changes since the consultation. We’re going to continue to watch it very closely in order to work out how could we make it better. If we can, then let’s do it."

Managing Director Julian Drury has also replied to e-mails from irate customers also pledging to "review data" and may make an announcement on Wednesday.

Among the complaints on Tuesday evening were:

@carlamay10: "Working in London is already hard to keep a work life balance now you’ve made it even harder as I get home even later!! Not happy!"

@dakeyne "The old timetable wasn’t the problem, the lack of rolling stock was. The new timetable tries but fails at solving this."

@hellraiser-rob: "4 carriage rush hour services. Genius.

@pandrsn ""Standing room only on delayed Tilbury line train out of London. Haven’t seen these probs for years. #stepbackwards"


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