Sunday, January 29, 2023

Karate: Medal haul at Yamaguchi Goju-Kai Invitational in Grays

AT A recent Yamaguchi Goju-Kai Invitational Kumite Tournament at William Edwards School, 13 clubs attended the event with 120 competitors

Grays Goju-Kai had its biggest ever club entry of 35 competitors.

Grays Goju-Kai had great results and was top of the points table (attached).

Club Results:

Gold Slam Man: John Joe Field, Lois Galea, Abi Tilbury, Megan Tennyson

Silver Slam Man: Amalia Olaru, George Field, Danielle Ball, Ross Dixie.

Bronze Slam Man: Ethan Neale Buckley, Amy Raven, Tyler Ilkhan, Mitchel Ames, Kirstie Fox, Mateusz Zajac, Lucas Perry.

Gold Kumite: Amalia Olaru, Ethan Neale Buckley, John Joe Field, Danielle Ball, Lois Galea, Lewis Darby

Silver Kumite: Amy Raven, Sasha Edgeler

Bronze Kumite: Emma Westcott, Zuzanna Zajac, Mateusz Zajac, Abi Tilbury, Owen Dixie.


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