Monday, December 4, 2023

Former Thurrock Tory council candidate threw "snooker cue like a javelin" says manageress of club

THE manageress of a Grays snooker club has described a very different set of events that led to a former Thurrock Conservative council candidate being fined £400 for criminal damage.

Jack Barnes, 41, received the fine on December 22nd after an incident in May at Rileys Snooker Club on Clarence Road in Grays.

Speaking to YT afterwards, Mr Barnes said that the damage was caused by an "accidental miscue"

But on hearing his explanation, the manageress was keen to set the record straight.

Bal Sidhu said: "Mr Barnes had just lost a frame of snooker. He threw the cue like a javelin across the room. It speared the cloth of a table, a table that he wasn’t even playing on.

"It caused a lot of damage and we subsequently went to the police.

"The whole incident was captured on CCTV.

"Mr Barnes is barred from our club".


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