Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Karate: More grading success for Phoenix

CONGRATULATIONS to these Four Latest Karate Students known as Karateka who have worked very hard to achieve their respective Belts.

Brothers Keith on the right and Ralph Overill on the left who both live in Billericay have trained with Sensei Cheri Stokes 5th Dan since young children when the Phoenix Club was first established.

Many of their fellow karate students gave up on the way, however these two have diligently continued with their training and have achieved great things. They both train now at Basildon Sporting Village; Keith the younger brother was awarded his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Glasgow. Keith is a teacher in a Canvey Primary school and still finds time to train regularly. Ralph who is currently studying for his Master’s was awarded his 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Both brothers are supported in their training by their Dad Richard who also still trains. Ralph has his own class on a Saturday morning at 11:30am for families at Phoenix Dojo which he enjoys teaching at. Keith is just about to start to take a beginners class at Basildon Sporting Village at 7pm on Wednesday.

Haley Marney was also awarded her 2nd Dan Black Belt, she lives in Canvey and works alongside Cheri in teaching many classes each day. Haley has specialised in taking Children and Family Classes and has several sessions in schools. Haley returned to Karate after giving up during her Teen age years. And wanted to get fit and get her Black Belt – now she has achieved both.

Liam Dunmore who is just 11 had a fantastic year in 2015. He was European Champion for kumite as a Brown Belt and went on to obtain his 1st Dan Black Belt. Liam is a fantastic young student who has developed in skills and experience and is set for great things in the future and he has the World Championships in 2016 to aim for.

Cheri Stokes Chief Instructor is very proud of her students and the success of them and the club as whole. Given that we are not the biggest club around but we focus on individuals and families and that has been our success. Phoenix has started Beginner

Classes most days in all classes – please visit FB phoenixkarateclub or ring 07884028969


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