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MP tells C2C: "Unless you revert to the old timetable, I will be at war with you"

THE MP for Southend, Sir David Amess has told the bosses of C2C that: "Unless you revert to the old timetable, I will go to war with you."

The MP was speaking on the Dave Monk show on BBC Essex.

His comments followed a meeting with the bosses of C2C on Thursday afternoon.

South Basildon and East Thurrock MP, Stephen Metcalfe also had a meeting with C2C,

It was clear that Sir David was in no mood for platitudes.

He added: "I am sick of their charts and graphs. I feel let down by them as do my constituents.

"This is a public limited company, that should be there for the benefit of their customers."

A number of passengers spoke on the show. Many had been at the forefront of twitter campaigns.

Among them was James Savill who tweets as @c2c_customers.

Mr Savill said: "The journeys have been horrendous. People are fighting to get a seat.

"There are simply less carriages.

"I also wonder if there was something in the franchise negotiations to do with stopping at Barking. But they won’t answer that"

"When will they be publishing the results of a recent survey. At the moment it a silent wall.

"No other company would ignore their customers like this."

Managing Director, Julian Drury then came onto the show.

He said: "The old timetable could not cope with the number of passengers.

"In months leading up to the end of the year we were getting photos and tweets asking when are we going to change things.

He was asked why he won’t lease more carriages. Mr Drury told the caller that there non-available.

Mr Drury was adamant that they had improved the crowding in the morning.

He also stressed that people from Basildon and Benfleet were benefitting as well as commuters to Canary Wharf.

Mr Drury said: "People from Southend and Chalkwell all get a seat in the morning."

He was asked: "What will it take to go back to the old timetable?"

He replied: "We need to look at the data for the last two weeks and take it from there."

Mr Drury had a particularly difficult time from Maggie from Leigh who stated that, contrary to his assertion, people from Southend and Chalkwell cannot get a seat in the morning.

Mr Drury went back to his stats to emphasise that there were more carriages.

He said: "Under the old timetable there were 376 carriages, now there are 392."

Maggie replied: "All I am hearing is rhetoric. We need action. You have had injuries, delays. You have to admit this is a failure.

"You have returned it to the "misery line"

Mr Drury said: "I have told you what I am going to do. We have put more capacity on. But we have more passengers at Fenchurch Street."

"We will put more carriages on at the time they want to get home."


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