Thurrock Labour set to get tough on HGVs in 2016

THURROCK Labour aims for “breath of fresh air” with new HGV enforcement approach

Councillor Oliver Gerrish, the Thurrock Council Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport announced today that Thurrock Labour are planning to introduce an HGV enforcement pilot scheme with the ambition of developing it into a Thurrock Low Emission Zone.

A report to Cabinet on Wednesday 13th January will ask for permission to develop an initial project to better control the movement of HGVs around the borough.

Councillor Gerrish, speaking ahead of the meeting, said “better HGV restrictions have been a real passion of mine over the last year in this portfolio and something that I have been keen to introduce for much longer than that. Air quality in Thurrock is extremely poor, particularly for areas in close proximity to industry. If you talk to residents, one very common complaint is HGVs ignoring weight restrictions around the borough which contributes to the problem. Too often, heavy lorries are seen thundering down residential streets. This has got to stop.

“Historically, we have been reliant on the Police to enforce weight limits. It is increasingly clear that this approach is not sufficient. We must do more and we are therefore proposing a pilot project to introduce HGV camera enforcement in key areas. This will mean that lorries using the wrong routes are automatically caught and punished.”

The report to Cabinet requests that Thurrock Council explores siting of enforcement cameras on High Road in North Stifford, Aveley High Street, London Road in West Thurrock & South Stifford, South Road in South Ockendon and Rectory Road in Little Thurrock.

Councillor Gerrish continued “If this proves successful, I want to look at how we can expand the approach across the borough to other key HGV hotspots.

“Ultimately, my vision is for a borough-wide full Low Emission Zone. This has proved successful in London and I believe it would work here too. A phased approach is sensible and the pilot scheme measures will be hugely beneficial for local residents.

“I would hope that this Thurrock Labour initiative will see cross-party support and I am very excited about further rollout of this approach following the pilot.”

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