Friday, July 19, 2024

Thurrock residents concerns at possible building on "flood plains".

A NUMBER of Thurrock residents are concerned about a plain application that they believe is on land "susceptible to flooding".

The residents have looked at what has been happening in Cumbria and questioned whether the same could happen in the own borough.

The residents gathered at the application for outline planning permission for the development of 13.11 ha of land to provide 280 residential units, a 250 sq.m. health centre and 1,810 sq.m. of commercial floorspace with associated landscape, flood improvement and access works on land the is part Of Little Thurrock Marshes, Thurrock Park Way near Tilbury.

A spokesperson for the residents said: "We just wanted to show what the land is like with a moderate downpour.

The residents of Thurrock Park will be watching this planning application very close and already have a large groundswell of opinion against it.


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