Monday, February 6, 2023

C2C offer "timetable cash back" to season ticket holders

C2C has offered cash back to customers.

A statement on the C2C website reads as follows: "Because of the disruption many of you, our customers, have faced in recent weeks, we are offering c2c Season Ticket holders a cash apology worth the equivalent of two days’ free travel.

"To claim your cash back you must submit your claim between Monday 18 January and Sunday 14 February.

"If you have a Season Ticket valid for between 1 and 12 months in length please complete the form below. You will be sent a letter stating your cash back value, which you should then take to a c2c Ticket Office along with your ticket and proof of address.

"Your letter will then be exchanged for cash at the Ticket Office. Your claims will be processed within 28 days of submission".


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