Thursday, February 9, 2023

Mardyke Fly-tipping: Be careful who you ask to dispose of household waste

ASKING people to dispose of household waste without checking credentials can prove costly as a Romford man discovered last week.

Thirty-one-year-old Terry Bohle, of Fontayne Avenue, Romford, was at Basildon Magistrates Court on Friday (15 January) where he admitted a Duty of Care offence.

The court heard how, in October last year, a Thurrock Council officer had seen a fly-tip on the Mardyke Valley between Ship Lane and the M25 in Aveley. When the tipped material was searched correspondence with the Fontayne Avenue address was found.

Later in October Bohle attended an interview under caution where he denied fly-tipping, but said he had approached two me with an open-backed lorry in Romford and paid them to dispose of some garage and garden waste.

The magistrates imposed a fine of £1,225, with costs of £480, and a victim surcharge of £120.


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