Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rugby: Stanford Saturday match reports

South Woodham u16s (29) – Stanford u16s (12)

STANFORD kicked off the game and chased down the ball. Woodham under pressure recycled the ball but Stanford pushed on and for 5 minutes the two sides exchanged attacks. With Stanford in possession Woodham were penalised for the first penalty of the game. Kicker Zack Burdett stepped up but his kick fell tantalisingly short and Woodham reacted fast. Stanford didn’t follow up the missed kick and a full pitch sprint saw Woodham open the scoring with a try and conversion.

The game was very competitive and exciting to watch, both teams were equal in the scrums and the open play was contested strongly. It was Woodham who scored next as they worked the ball well to the wings and out stripped the Stanford defence. Minutes later it was Stanford who scored when they had a penalty on the far side of the pitch. Stanford lined up as if to power it up but scrum half Matthew Hook passed a long ball to fly half Ben Kelly who whipped the ball through to centre Jamie Wooffitt who popped to Ross Gale who in turned delivered his pass with pin point accuracy to give Rhys Dell a short sprint and dive to the line.

The half time score favoured Woodham 12 -5. Stanford started off the 2nd half with a bit of luck when Woodham were over eager and got ahead of their kicker. With the ball gifted to them Stanford got underway and pushed up towards the Woodham half. As Stanford formed a rolling maul Jake Tottman was holding the ball at the rear with Hook directing his forwards he then started calling in the backs to add extra grunt and the extra power pushed Woodham over the line with Tottman touching down. Burdett stepped up, steadied himself, went through his routine, and kicked the extra points.

Woodham where to be denied the next score when Stanford’s Sean Loughran got under the ball to hold up the grounding. The score did eventually come from Woodham when they managed to exploit the space and a well-supported passing move saw them cross the line.

Stanford and Woodham were giving no ground so again when Woodham had worked their way close to the try line it was Loughran who again was on hand to stop the attack short denying a certain try. However valiant Stanford’s defence was Woodham managed to find the space and crossed again for another good try. Four minutes later Woodham caught Stanford’s guard down and they needed no second chance scoring a fifth try.

The final score read 29 -12 but everyone knew that the game was much closer than the score told. Stanford’s man of the Match was awarded by the coaches to Sean Loughran for his try saving defence, his open play going forward and his chasing back, however so many other players in the Stanford side also gave their all.


Old Brentwoods u11s (25) – Stanford u11s (20)

Stanford watched Old Brentwood beat the home side 6 tried to nil then, after a shirt break began their day against the winners. The Blues (Old Brentwood) piled on the pressure out wide and soon opened their account. Stanford then woke up, Daniel ‘steam roller’, Jack ‘grizzly’ and Alex ‘Sebastian’ the forwards targeted the ruck area for Amelia to steal the ball and drive over. The backs then showed some class with Tyler running a loop and chipping through to touch down and take the lead. Old Brentwood attacked but a wayward pass was scooped up by winger Flynn who had the pace to run the length of the pitch. The blues scored once more on the stroke of half time and once more after time to take the lead lead. New winger Danny-J pop up on Tyler ‘s shoulder and sliced through to get his first club try. Old Brentwood scraped together 2 well worked tries to end the game with a win 25-20.

Stanford managed 2 tries against the home side from Tyler and Danny-J again. But picking up injuries from the previous game took its toll and Barking ended with a walk over.

Player of the day was Tyler as he used every ounce of energy both in attack and defence and his match reading skills were that of a player double his experience.


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