UKIP Tim Aker: "Thurrock MP Doyle-Price should resign over Lower Thames Crossing

UKIP MEP, cllr Tim Aker has slammed MPs Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe for their non-attendance at a meeting to discuss options for the new Thames Crossing.

Cllr Aker said; "On Monday night both Thurrock MPs were a no-show at the Lower Thames Crossing Meeting in Orsett. According to the Parliamentary Website a debate on ‘Foreign Policy & Development Aid in Central & East Africa’ was taking place at the time.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP attended the meeting despite his parliament being over 200 miles away compared to Westminster being a tenth of the distance.

"Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "It is simply outrageous that our MPs would prioritise debates on the third world over standing by their constituents, in opposing a third crossing in Thurrock.

"Some Conservative MPs have stood up against their own government and said they will resign and call a by-election if major building work takes place in their constituency against the wishes of their residents.

"Jackie Doyle-Price got all those petitions and staged all those protests against the crossing before the election. If she turns her back on her constituents I look forward to taking her on and winning the by-election she should call. If she has any honour, she would do so."

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