Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The People versus the new Thames Crossing

THE PEOPLE OF Thurrock are going into battle with the proposal to put a new Thames Crossing through the heart of their land.

The proposals have been in development for years but it was only on Tuesday (Jan 26th) that the government published proposals that would see a tunnel run from Kent to Tilbury and then up through Thurrock.

People are objecting for a variety of reasons: pollution, loss of green belt, loss of homes, heritage, are just four.

At the same time, Thurrock is a borough of 160,000 and so many will be relying on the majority being silent.

For the past ten years, there have been petitions here and petitions there but now there is a major groundswell of opinion that passionately objects to a giant scar being pierced through the heart of their borough.

A petition has already gathered close to 7,000. You can sign it here.


There is a Facebook page called Thames Crossing Proposals. That page has over 3,000 members and is a valuable hub for discussion, information and action.

The page has contributions from Thurrock, Essex and Kent residents.

The website http://www.lower-thames-crossing.co.uk/event/information-event-orsett-essex/ will help residents keep up to date with meetings as well as look at the plants on-line.


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