MP impressed with students at Giffards Primary

STEPHEN Metcalfe, local Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock, was delighted to accept an invitation from Giffards Primary School in Corringham to visit them last week.

Two classes of Year Six pupils had prepared questions about Stephen’s job as a Member of Parliament which he was pleased to answer during the visit. The questions were interesting and varied and covered subjects such as why did he want to become an MP and what would he change if he were the Prime Minister. He was also asked exactly what his job entails and what he believes are the best parts of his job.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: “I was absolutely delighted to visit Giffards Primary School on Friday and was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of the children for these matters which can sometimes be difficult for young people to understand. The interesting questions ably demonstrated that the students have studied the work of Parliament and democracy.”

“Their enthusiasm and willingness to engage on such issues made me think that there could well be some young politicians in the making in Corringham and I hope that they will continue to be interested in political matters and citizenship as they get older.”

“It is vitally important to encourage youth engagement in politics and I am always please to receive letters and emails from young people from across the constituency who have things to say and want to have their voice heard. When they are older, I hope that they register to vote so that they can use that voice and communicate their views to the wider community.”

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