Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Highways England: New Thames Crossing an "Alternative too disruption" when bridge closes

A Highways England spokesperson has called the New Thames Crossing proposal a " real alternative for drivers when there is disruption to Dartford traffic"

The spokesperson was responding to questions after a night of chaos on and around the QE2 bridge.

Th spokesperson said: "We reopened the Dartford Bridge yesterday as soon as winds dropped to a safe level, and worked hard throughout the day to keep drivers up to date on the latest conditions and to keep the crossing operating in both directions by operating a contraflow through the tunnel.

“No matter how well the Dartford Crossing is operated, high winds will always have an impact on exposed bridges like the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford. There are around 300 occasions each year when the Dartford Crossing is partially or fully closed for 30 minutes or more due to incidents.

"Our proposals for a new Lower Thames Crossing would provide a real alternative for drivers when there is disruption to Dartford traffic, as well as boosting the economy of the region and the entire country. We encourage anyone with an interest in the plans – including the many thousands of drivers affected by the severe weather at Dartford yesterday – to have their say in the consultation that is currently underway and help us turn our ambitious plans into reality.”


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