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15 tips to find a date for Valentine’s Day

SHE’S shown the nation how to make money from houses in a string of property programmes, runs her own online estate agent and is mum to four kids.

Sarah Beeny has also somehow found the time to renovate her East Yorkshire home, Rise Hall, to transform it into a luxury wedding venue.

And if you’d love to get married there but haven’t found the one, she’s got the answer too.

The presenter launched a dating site in 2004 on the back of her enjoyment of match-making among her friends.

It aims to solve dating dilemmas by allowing single people to post a profile of themselves written by their friends.

The idea is to offer a more natural way for people to meet through those that know them best rather than having to awkwardly sell themselves through selfies and mini-autobiographies.

It seems to be working as the team at mysinglefriend.com say they hear of success stories, including marriage and children, daily.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, we asked Sarah for her top tips on playing the dating game.

Sarah said: “Some single people are filled with dread at the thought of Valentine’s Day, but luckily it seems we are a nation of budding wingmen and women devoted to getting our fabulous friends a date for February 14.

“However, remember it is just another day so people shouldn’t put too much pressure on getting a date for the big day.

“No hot date lined up? Hit the town with your best friends and have a blast.”

1. Got a date? Dress well

In this cold weather it’s easy to hide under a woolly jumper and parka coat but putting a little effort into your style won’t go unnoticed.

2. Don’t be tempted to stay in

After work when you’re tired and its cold outside, the only thing on your mind will be going home and staying warm.

Drinks parties are a great place to meet people you wouldn’t normally and expand your circle, so make sure you’re not hiding away in the corner or lingering by the buffet the whole evening – be approachable.

3. Be proactive

If you do decide to stay at home, why not update your dating profile? Add some new pictures or re-write your descriptions with things you’ve been up to recently. When other users read your profile they’ll know you’re actively using the site and notice your new pictures.

4. Get a little help from your friends

Since mysinglefriend.com is all about involving your friends, we allow your friends to recommend people to you they think you should be dating.

Last year ahead of Valentine’s Day, friend recommendations went into overdrive as friends were so keen to set up their single mates with a 115 per cent increase in recommendations on February 9 and a 69 per cent increase on the February 16 post Valentine’s Day.

5. Mix it up

Rather than always going for the same type of person, try dating someone who is not your usual type. Usually go for sporty guys, try dating a creative type. Like blondes? Bag a brunette. You might surprise yourself!

6. Turn up the heat

A little bit of harmless flirting is good for the soul, so have fun. If you’ve been chatting to someone for a while, bite the bullet and ask them for a date.

7. Think sweetness and light

Compliment your date; a little bit of flattery will go a long way. Focus on a particular feature to make it more personal. Just keep it clean, folks!

8. Experiment

When it comes to dating, variety is key. Don’t stick the same bar or restaurant. Try something a little more adventurous to make your date really fly. Explore the city on bikes, or go rock climbing?

9. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again

So your date was a disaster? Don’t give up! There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Dissecting a hilariously bad date with a friend over a glass of wine could be the most fun you’ll ever have.

10. Get stuck in…

The dating world can seem a little bit daunting. But there is nothing to be scared of. Once you get going, you’ll wonder what you were ever worrying about.

11. …But start slowly

With so many potential dates out there, how do you choose? Check out their profile, see what you have in common, and start chatting to see if there is a spark.

12. Single parent? Be proud!

Honesty is the best policy – Be honest and proud about having kids. They make you who are and anyone who can’t see that is not worth dating!

13. Don’t be late

Turning up late is one of the most annoying dating faux pas. No one likes to be kept waiting and it sets a bad tone for the rest of the date. Forget being fashionably late and make sure you arrive on time.

14. Leave the phone in your pocket

There is nothing worse than being on a date with someone who is constantly on the phone or checking his or her messages. No excuses or it will be confiscated.

15. Research will be rewarded

If you know someone’s favourite band or film, why not check it out before the date? It is a great way to show someone you have read his or her profile and you might find you have a shared love for it.


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