Hassenbrook Academy set to "merge" with Gable Hall

HASSENBROOK Academy is set to "merge" with Gable Hall school in Corringham.

Technically, the merger will be with the Stanford & Corringham Schools Trust, which currently comprises of Gable Hall School and Corringham Primary School.

The decision comes in the midst of period of great uncertainty for the Stanford-le-Hope school with it struggling to attract students compared to both Gable Hall and St Clere’s.

It has also been inspected by Ofsted recently and sources close to the school are not expecting a "glowing report".

With news coming through regarding possible staff cuts to schools across the country, there will obviously be questions regarding jobs at Hassenbrook Academy.

There will no doubt be speculation as to who will be in charge: Dr Sophina Asong or Michelle Bamber.

A spokesperson said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to build on a relationship that has existed for many years with respect to Sixth Form provision through the Stanford & Corringham Sixth Form College, which was set up by our three secondary local schools and to improve the quality of education and pastoral care in the local area. It is an opportunity that simply could not be missed.

Working collectively will bring benefits through the sharing of good practice and resources coupled with economies of scale which is of particular importance in these austere times.

Hassenbrook has taught local secondary school children for over sixty years. All those involved with the school are proud of and understand the history associated with the Academy.

Clearly, there is work to do to ensure we not only get the benefits of scale but also that the schools work more closely together in our joint efforts to raise standards for every child and young person in the area. This collaborative approach will mean that closer working of the staff of the three schools ultimately benefits everyone connected with the school.

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