Thurrock Labour and Tories clash over council rent decreases

AT a recent meeting of the ruling Thurrock Labour cabinet, councillors expressed their concerns over rent decreases for council housing tenants as well the proposed "Right to Rent" scheme.

However, the shadow housing portfolio holder, cllr Tunde Ojetola has criticised their stance.

Cllr Ojetola said: "Again we see Thurrock Labour missing the point and highlighting the cloud rather than the silver lining.

The 1% rent reduction means those who pay towards their rent will see extra money in their pocket.

I am quite surprised that Thurrock Labour is complaining that the Conservative Government is giving money back to rent paying residents.

This is a gesture which just like the recent rain, should cause praise to pour down on the Conservative Government. It is residents’ money back in their pockets – right where it should be! whats the problem?

"It’s wrong to criticise just for the sake of it, so rather than complain about the dark cloud, look beyond it, at the silver lining and pour compliments on the Conservative Government for letting residents save for a rainy day 1% at a time."

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