Thursday, February 2, 2023

Who is slaughtering swans in Thurrock?

LAST year we reported on the senseless slaughter of a number swans in Kennington Park in Aveley.

Now, over the last two weeks, two swans have apparently been killed close to the Stifford Road on the Aveley/South Ockendon border.

A YT reader (who did not wish to be named) said: "I was walking my dog one morning on February 12th close to the Howard Tenens park, when I came across the remains of a swan.

"There were two wings but animals have eaten most of it.

"This morning (Sunday Feb 21st) I came across what looked like a Signet that had been slaughtered. All that remained were the head, neck and wings".

The reader has told us that he has informed both Essex Police and his local councillors.

Understandably, we have decided to only use one, heavily edited photograph, so as to not cause any upset.

YT will be following this up with the police and councillors but in the meantime, if you have seen a similar dreadful sight, let us know at


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