Monday, January 30, 2023

Educating Essex Head warns of job cuts in schools

JUST before half term, our sister paper ( interviewed the head of Passmores Academy, Vic Goddard, about imminent job cuts at his school.

You may remember, Mr Goddard as the enigmatic and respected head from the Channel 4 series "Educating Essex"

Mr Goddard is also a published author and has spoken at education seminars in Thurrock

The interview came a day after the head of another group of schools (Burnt Mill Academy Trust) began a consultation on job losses.

The point Mr Goddard was making, in what has been praised as a searingly honest interview, was that although the government had not made any cuts to school budgets, there were shortfalls in national insurance and pension payments that the schools had to make up.

It looks like the only way the school can make these payment is by cost-cutting. And the only way to protect the "front-line".i.e: teachers, is to make cuts to non-teaching staff.

So, if there is a torrent of job cuts coming to Harlow, what will be happening in Thurrock?

However, it appears to be good news for Thurrock.

The chair of Gable Hall School, Georgina Clark said "Thank you for the opportunity to discuss any fiscal challenges facing The Stanford & Corringham Schools Trust next year but this issue is not pertinent to us at this time."

The chief executive of the Gateway Learning Community (GLC) Kevin Sadler said:

"At this moment, we are not looking to make any redundancies within the GLC but, I do review positions as colleagues move away from the GLC.

"With relatively high mobility, this has placed us in a stable position currently."

You may note that both statements have a qualified "At this moment" and "At this time"

We also contacted a number of other senior school headteachers who did not reply.

The concerns from residents in Harlow is that it is local people who will be affected by any cuts, that is to say, teaching assistants, dinner ladies, caretakers etc.

That is not to say that local people are not teachers but it has become a trend over the years for teachers to come from, out of area.

If you have any job concerns for your local school, then contact us at


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