Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fishing: Warren is the star at The Warren

IN the main lake pike up to 18l being caught regularly to anglers.

Best fish of recent weeks goes to Nigel Williams with a super 24lb 2oz specimen(see Photo).

A fair number of good perch up to 3lb being caught by anglers using various methods.

Roy Nineham had two nice fish of 2lb 4oz(See photo) and 3lb.

In the square lake, a restocking program got underway with 100 3-year-old carp put in on Wednesday going in.

These carp are a new strain from Mark Simmonds and are capable of putting on 6lb weight a year.

A further 100 fish will stocked next year.

From the square, carp are starting to show more regularly as the days lengthen.

Star of the week was nine-year-old Warren Marks from Grays who managed a personal best carp of 17lb 6oz common and landed a further three carp all over 10lb.


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