C2C chaos: Dire warning from UKIP MEP unless timetable is changed

Cllr Tim Aker MEP’s motion was passed by Thurrock Council on Wednesday night (Feb 24th).

It read: ‘Thurrock Council calls on C2C rail company to return to its pre-December 13th timetable and to swiftly add sufficient carriages to the pre-December 13th timetable to adequately cover the demand for services in Thurrock’. He also called on the Councils solicitors to see if C2C have breached their franchise agreement.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "The new timetable isn’t working at all. My worry is that travellers could get seriously ill the longer this continues and this will only get worse when the warmer weather comes.

"We need to know that a serious effort is being made for extra carriages, but these won’t appear overnight. C2C must revert to the old timetable to avert disaster.

"I have also requested the Council investigate wether C2C have broken their franchise agreement. When I am hearing about pregnant women standing on trains for 20 minutes, it is not acceptable.

"With summer coming, and the trains getting busier and busier, it won’t be long until we have people fainting on these carriages due to the way they are packed in like sardines."

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