Disaster for Hassenbrook Academy as school is rated "Inadequate" by Ofsted

UNDER-FIRE Hassenbrook Academy has been placed in special measures after being rated as "Inadequate" by Ofsted.

The government education watchdog visited the school on January 16th and published their findings today (Feb 29th).

The report makes the following observations.

1. Pupils’ achievement in English is too low. Many pupils make very little progress in Key Stage 3 and some regress. This impacts on many subjects across the academy.

2. The way that leaders check on the quality of teaching is inconsistent across subjects and classes. Consequently, they do not know how effective all teaching is.

3. Disadvantaged pupils do much worse than other pupils, especially in English, where the gaps in their achievement show no signs of narrowing.

4. The behaviour of a small proportion of pupils in each year group is very poor. Pupils say that their lessons are disrupted on a regular basis.

5. Disadvantaged pupils’ attendance is too low.

6. Leaders do not monitor the progress of pupils with

special educational needs. Little is known by leaders about how well these pupils are supported.

7. Teachers’ assessments of pupils’ progress is inaccurate in some subjects. In some cases, pupils’ books have not been marked since the beginning of the academic year.


The report also cites the following strengths

1. Pupils make good progress in some subjects, including mathematics, science, modern foreign languages, art and technology.

2. Pupils are very positive about the teaching in these, and some other, subjects.

3. Governors are committed to the academy’s improvement and understand the challenges ahead.

4. The headteacher has managed a significant reduction in staffing costs. Many staff are new to the academy.

5. The academy’s work to support pupils’ personal development and welfare is effective.

YT will endeavour to obtain reaction from the school as well as other interested bodies.

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