Grays childminder receives "Outstanding" Ofsted report

A GRAYS childminder has received an "Outstanding" report by Ofsted.

Ofsted inspected Laura Wightman in February, 2016.

The report states:

CHILDREN make secure attachments with the childminder and her family. She provides a welcoming and extremely stimulating environment where children thrive. Children display high levels of well-being and confidence.

 The childminder builds exceptionally strong partnerships with parents. She meets with them to gather important information, enabling her to identify children’s starting points from the beginning. She builds on this initial assessment to promote their continued excellent progress. The childminder fully engages with parents to promote children’s learning at home.

 The childminder carries out exceptionally skilful observations and assesses children’s progress to identify next steps in their learning. She uses these next steps to plan exciting and challenging activities that ignite children’s natural curiosity and imagination.

 Children behave exceptionally well because the childminder helps them to understand her routines. They contribute to the rules of the setting and gain a sense of belonging.

 The childminder supports children’s growing independence exceedingly well. She encourages children to do things for themselves and they learn to take well-measured risks, in order to develop their skills.

 The childminder is extremely effective in promoting children’s welfare and safety. She carries out extensive risk assessments of her premises and before every outing and facility attended by children.

 The childminder reflects continually on her practice and the outcomes she achieves for children. She actively involves parents and children in her self-evaluation and continually seeks ways to enhance her excellent provision.

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