Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Thurrock author visits 19 schools as part of World Book Day!

WORLD Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March 2016. Through that entire week Dennis has taken leave from his usual 9-5 job to visit 19 schools to give free book readings and talks about making books. The schools are mainly in the Southend on Sea area, though he will also be travelling to Thurrock, Maldon and Newbury.

He gives the free book readings to encourage child literacy and art wherever he can. The book readings are followed by fun question and answer sessions where assemblies or classes of children get to meet some of the original sock puppet characters and find out how they too can make a book themselves one day should they wish.

Dennis had no background in publishing or illustration, and was completely self taught in order to make the book for his daughter Heidi. He learnt all he needed to know through the internet and tutorial videos on websites such as YouTube.

He embraces new technology and the opportunities online learning now offers anyone with even the most basic smart phone and an internet connection. Dennis is working on a new illustrated children’s book, though rather than visiting the sea bed again his new adventure will take place in space!

The Tale of the Greedy Fish is available from the Greedy Fish website ( and on where it has over 75 five star reviews.

Dennis plans to visit many more local schools through the year, and if teachers would like to get in touch to arrange a visit they can email or through the Greedy Fish website.


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