"Councillor Do-Little" Labour and Fire Officer slam Jackie Doyle-Price’s husband councillor over series of no-shows

THURROCK Labour have used their pre-election campaign newspaper to slam the attendance record at key fire service meetings by a Thurrock Conservative councillor.

Chafford and North Stifford councillor Mark Coxshall is one of two Thurrock councillors elected to the board of the Essex Fire Authority.

With a large number of issues including the future of all the fire stations in Thurrock under the spotlight, many would have thought that the councillor, who is also the partner of Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, would have been to the meetings he was appointed to attend.

But a check of the records at Essex County Council show the following:

Essex Fire Authority Meetings

2 September 2015 No attendance. Apologies received

7 October 2015 No attendance. No apologies received

2 December 2015 Attended

13 January 2016 No attendance. No apologies received

Audit , Governance and Review Committee

15 July 2015 No attendance. Apologies received

7 October 2015 No attendance. Apologies received

Cllr Coxshall is entitled to over £4,000 in taxpayers money for attending the meetings.

The other Thurrock member of the Essex Fire Authority is cllr Cathy Kent. YT understands that the mother-of-three has attended all the meetings in Chelmsford.

The Labour Party newspaper has printed a reaction by Thurrock fire-fighter, Lee Pickett when he was made aware of cllr Coxshall’s attendance record.

He said: "I was appalled to learn that Cllr Coxshall has only attended two meetings as a member of the Fire Authority.

"This is a disgrace and he should resign immediately."

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