Monday, January 30, 2023

Rugby: Stanford show steel against Kings Cross

Kings Cross Steelers 1st XV (8) v Stanford 1st XV (53)

Stanford romp to Victory

A GOOD start by Stanford kept KXS pinned back into their own half, even when KXS had the ball in hand, Stanford’s defence was solid. For the first 10 minutes of the game KXS never managed to get out of their own half, with the pressure culminating in Stanford’s first score from a good kick and chase which Nick Sharp was on the end of too opened the scoring.

It was KXS who scored next when they rocked the Stanford defence by running straight through them. On the back foot Stanford defended hard but the pressure tolled and KXS were awarded a penalty which they kicked with ease. Minutes later the KXS penalty was cancelled out when Calum Reid stepped up to put the ball between the posts, after KXS was penalised for not rolling away. It was Stanford that finished the stronger of the two sides, with two quick tries. Stanford’s 1st try came after they played the phases and found Ryan Edgeway standing out on the wing where his strength and pace made light work of the defence, Reid added the conversion. For Stanford’s 2nd try they again put together some very good linked play and it was Dominic McDonald who’s quick stepped his way passed KXS to score on the stroke of half time.

The 2nd half started as the 1st had finished with Stanford squeezing KXS back towards their line. Awarded a penalty, McDonald saw the space out wide and quickly shipped; Ricky Percival was on hand to run in and under the posts, Reid again made light work of the conversion. Moments later Stanford almost created a carbon copy of their previous try when another quickly taken penalty was passed through the hands and onto winger Jacob Cushing to run in behind the posts, Reid again added the extra points.

Stanford was now very much in charge and playing some very good phases of rugby, the variation in play was creating spaces for Stanford to break into. One such break from McDonald saw him cut through KXS, as he was brought to ground the ball was recycled quickly and Alistair MacDonald finished off the move, with Reid once again adding the extra points. The next score came moments later when Ricky Damm was on the end of another well worked moved and he crossed the line in the corner.

Stanford’s last try came from Michael Kite after replacing Nick Sharp on the wing. Kite sprinted forward just skirting the side line bouncing one defender on his way to score. Reid topped a very good display of rugby with the extra points. KXS sealed the game off when they scored a well-deserved try only minutes before the final whistle.

Final score 53 – 8 in favour of Stanford, who had played some very good attacking rugby. Stanford’s man of the match was Kyle Munro, who stepped up to play in the 2nd row for the first time. Munro took to the position extremely well and was involved widely around the pitch


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