Monday, April 15, 2024

Thurrock Council set record straight on William Edwards moving to Blackshots

ANY prospect of William Edwards school re-locating from its present home in Stifford Clays any time soon appear to have been dashed by the Thurrock Council.

The response comes after a period of speculation as to whether the school on Stifford Clays Road would relocate to the far corner of the Blackshots fields area and that the plans would include the prospects of a sports hub as well.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: "The school and council have been discussing various suggestions for several years and – since becoming an academy – William Edwards has discussed these with the Education Funding Agency and undertaken a feasibility study for a possible move to Blackshots.

"No decisions have been taken and, as the council understands the situation, no decision is likely in the short or medium term".

William Edwards are unavailable for comment


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