Councillor Yash Gupta reflects on twenty years of service as he is set to step down

GRAYS Thurrock councillor, Yash Gupta will be stepping down next week after over twenty years of service in Thurrock.

We asked Yash to reflect on those twenty years and reflect on his life as a councillor.

Cllr Gupta said: "After my retirement from my full time job in 1995 I decided to give all my spare time to do voluntary work for local residents and I chose four areas;

1.To help children and young people and their families in enhancing their achievements and well-being.

2.To promote the work of local voluntary sector and help to build strong partnerships amongst themselves and with the statutory bodies like the Council.

3..To help and promote the well-being of older people in the Borough.

4. To promote equality and respect for diversity amongst all communities in Thurrock.

To become an effective community worker I decided to take interest in local politics and was elected Councillor in May 1996.After my election as a councillor I sent a letter to all householders in my ward, thanking them and made the following pledges to them;

a. I will show my honesty and integrity while dealing with them which meant I will never make a promise which I won’t be able to deliver;

b. I will reply to any phone call or an e-mail from the residents within 24 hours and within three days to a written communication, unless I am away from Thurrock.

c.I will hold regular surgeries twice a month which will be open to all my constituents to discuss their issues, problems with me.

d.I will keep my constituents informed about my work in the council and in the community by writing monthly newsletters which will be published on my web page and available to any one.

e.I will do my best to represent their interests by regularly attending and actively participating in the Committees and in full council.

I worked hard to help every one as a volunteer in my four chosen fields and also fulfilled my pledges to my constituents and won their full confidence which was shown in my continuous success in seven elections. I have given some details of my work as a CHAIR of four scrutiny panels; twice cabinet member for high ways and transport and then mayor of the borough.

At the end I have thanked all residents of Thurrock which included residents of Grays Thurrock ward for their continuous support and help; Also thanked the councillor colleagues present and past for their help and encouragement and the council officers.

I have also expressed my sincere thanks to the local press which has always been kind to me .

Best Regards,

Yash Gupta

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