Monday, March 27, 2023

Ukip MEP starts petition calling for suspension of Suzanne Evans to be lifted

A Ukip MEP whose constituency covers Thurrock has called for the suspension of the former deputy chairman to be lifted.

Ukip has suspended former deputy chairman Suzanne Evans after she signed a petition opposing the selection of a candidate who compared homosexuals to Nazis.

Evans, who Nigel Farage appointed as temporary leader last year before reneging on his resignation, was one of 167 people to call on Ukip to deselect Alan Craig as the UKIP London Assembly candidate for South West London.

Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn, who has made a number of high-profile appearances in Thurrock and is asking for the following:

"We the undersigned congratulate Suzanne Evans on the magnificent contribution she has made to the success of UKIP in recent years and call for her suspension from the party to be rescinded forthwith".

YT will be contacting Ukip councillors and activists to see if they have or will be signing the petition.


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