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11 bizarre Easter traditions around the world

While in Britain we’ll be scoffing hot cross buns, searching for Easter eggs and enjoying a long weekend, some Christians across the globe will be gathering to take part in unusual religious ceremonies.

From real-life re-enactments of the crucifixion to making lambs out of butter – we’ve searched to find the best bizarre traditions to mark the spring holiday.

1. Slovakia – Men and boys whip women and girls with colourfully decorated sticks. The tradition is said to encourage good health and beauty.

2. Russia – Butter is sculpted into the shape of a lamb which is then used to accompany a meal.

3. France – Bells in the country are silenced on Good Friday to recognise the death of Jesus.

4. Mexico – A dummy of Judas is displayed and burned.

5. Poland – Men are not allowed to make Easter bread in fear that their moustache will turn grey.

6. Finland – Children dress up as witches and wander the streets hunting for treats.

7. Philippines – Christians have been nailed to crosses since the 1950s in a real-life Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus’ suffering. Thousands of people gather to watch the display.

8. Spain – Catholic brotherhoods wear different coloured robes and conical hoods as they march through Spanish towns and cities.

9. Germany – Christmas trees are piled into a heap and burnt as a way of recognising the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

10. Argentina – Thousands of tourists travel miles to a Jesus theme park to see a plastic Jesus statue resurrected.

11. Philippines – Barefooted Catholics walk through streets with their backs covered in blood whipping themselves.


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