Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Thurrock Tories pleased that Flowers Estate "demolition" rumour’s are quashed

RUMOURS of the Flowers Estate in South Ockendon being demolished were finally quashed at last Wednesday’s full council following a question from Conservative Councillor Barry Johnson.

After the annual housing report Cllr Johnson asked if there were plans to demolish the estate and redeveloped the site. The answer from Councillor Lynn Worrall, Cabinet member for housing in Thurrock, was a clear ‘no’.

Barry said "Last year I was shocked to hear residents of the Flowers Estate had been told their homes were going to be torn down to house refugees when clearly that is not the case.

"I had met with the cabinet member to discuss improvements to the estate and she had made clear any redevelopment would start with consultation involving residents, but demolishing the estate was not on the cards.

"Recently a resident said they had been again told that the estate was to be demolished after all.

"Rumours like this do nothing to improve Ockendon or residents perception of what is happening in Thurrock – they are nothing short of divisive, scaremongering lies.

" I would say to residents who were told this nonsense, you can sleep safely in your beds as we now have public assurance that these rumours were completely false.

"I would go further than that, I would ask they challenge the pedlars of such rumours to their source and expose them to everyone for what they are doing.

"And remember if they will lie about this they cannot be trusted on anything!"


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