Thursday, April 18, 2024

UKIP councillor for Chadwell slams Labour college over bikers

A UKIP councillor for Chadwel St Mary has reminded his Labour ward colleague that they were supposed to be working together to solve the problem of bikers on Orsett Heath.

The comments from councillor Russell Cherry after a series of press releases by veteran Labour councillor Gerard Rice that detailed what cllr Rice had been doing.

Bitter cynics of this parish were of the mind that this was in someway connected to the fact that cllr Rice is up for re-election in May but fair minded folk have reminded us that cllr Rice has been serving his residents all year round.

Cllr Cherry said:"It is a real shame that Gerard has tried to take this over and claim sole ownership of the battle against the bikers in Chadwell.

It has been a cross party effort along the way, I have been working with other Councillors across Thurrock as this issue has impacted many wards but Gerard has refused to work together on this issue.

I have been in contact with the police regarding this issue since I was elected 10 months ago.

From Gerard’s behaviour it looks like there must be an election coming up? I’m focused on helping local residents for my whole four year term not just the 6 months approaching reelection."


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