Thursday, July 18, 2024

Still no answers as to why Essex Police did not attend the scene of a 999 call in South Ockendon

IT is now over three weeks since we ran a story that detailed how Essex Police failed to attend at the location of a 999 call.

Staff at Lidl’s in South Ockendon contacted the police after they were confronted by a knife-wielding accomplice of a shoplifter at the Daiglen Drive store.

Sources informed YT that the police did not attend at the location and allegedly only contacted staff after YT had published a story.

Portfolio holder for public protection,, clrl Jane Pothecary pledged to look into the circumstances. But three weeks on, the Labour councillor has still not heard from Essex Police.

Cllr Pothecary has tol dYT that she will continue to pursue the matter.

At the time, Essex Police told YT that they would be "looking into why there was no attendance at the store."

On Thursday April 7th, YT put in a question to Essex Police to fin out how this investigation was going but at the time of publication, we have had no response.


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