Sunday, April 2, 2023

Corringham resident praises Frost Estate Community Association

Dear Editor,

My wife and myself, together with around 130 other residents of the Frost Estate Corringham attended the public meeting held at the Springhouse Club on Monday 11th April.

I would like now to publically thank the Interim Committee for all their hard work in organising and investigating how to go forward with the proposed repair of the roads on the estate after the rejection by Thurrock Council of the now defunct idea of an establishment of a Parish Council.

These interim committee members have worked very hard, voluntarily, in the establishment of the Frost Estate Community Association (FECA) in becoming a registered charity. The trustees were elected on Monday evening at the public meeting.

This will allow the charity to raise funds from residents , purely voluntarily, and to apply for match funding grants from various organisations and local government.

This however is very dependant on how much we as residents raise on the estate.

I sincerely urge all residents to donate whatever they can afford to this charity.

This is definitely "last chance saloon" with regard to the repairing of the roads on the estate.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, as even if we don’t own a vehicle we all have relations, workmen, delivery vehicles etc. using the estates roads.

Do we want to end up paying Thurrock Council thousand’s of pounds based on frontages to have our roads looking like Lampit’s Lane, or do we want to keep the estates character- as it is now?

Do the residents eventually want the road, in the next two or three years, to get virtually impassable, resulting in refuse collectors, postmen, delivery vehicles refusing to use the estate? This would have a very negative impact on property prices on the estate!

So please donate what you can afford. Last chance!!!


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