Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Village homes plan in Bulphan is given green light

APPROVAL has been given for the building of four new homes in a Thurrock village.

At their meeting in March members of Thurrock Council’s planning committee had deferred a decision on the application for the site at Stables Hatch Farm on Fen Lane, Bulphan.

The proposal was to demolish existing buildings and erect four new detached dwellings.

Members visited the site on 24 March and at last Thursday’s meeting of the committee there was agreement that the scheme could go ahead.

Cllr Chris Baker (left) expressed concerns about access to the new buildings, saying: “This plot is smack on a bend. Fen Lane at some time of the year is misty and foggy and the road is very narrow and I am worried that an accident could happen if we go ahead with this.

“It’s also fen land and gets very wet. I think this is a bad move.”

Council planning officer Jonathan Keen pointed out to Cllr Baker that there were conditions in the proposed approval that dealt with the problems of water on site and also conditions would ensure that there would have to be safe access.

Cllr Brian Little, pointed out that the entrance would be further back than the current building.

The scheme was then approved.


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