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Ward by Ward: Aveley: Purple Reign….

ONCE upon a time, this was a Labour stronghold and then 2004 came along and it became a Tory stronghold. Then, in 2012, UKIP win their first seat through Robert Ray.

Ss we know, UKIP now have eleven councillors. The fact that it used to be 13 and so much is up in the air begs there question whether they have peaked. Either way, you get the feeling that South Essex man and his primal scream of "I want my country back" hasn’t finished yet.

But as you travel around Thurrock, it is far removed from the sea of purple that was witnessed last year and so that begs the question as to whether UKIP can get the people who voted for them, who had not voted in quite a while. That is a big question.

Th percentage of people that voted UKIP in this ward over the last four years is as follows:

2012: 28%

2014: 46%

2014: 40%

2015: 39%

We are fairly confident that UKIP will retain this ward. They have a bright, keen young man standing in Luke Spillman, who has housing as a speciality.

Luke appears to be from the purple revolution wing of the party (as opposed to the tweaking side) and so, if they do win and they do take over the council, then he has quite a challenge in order to keep the Thurrock people happy.

It is one thing to talk down/criticise Thurrock Council’s housing policy. It is another to turn it around (as promised).

Former West Thurrock councillor and chair of planning, Georgette Polley stands for the Tories and Judith Pothercary for Labour. We do wonder, whether, like East Tilbury, they are both giving UKIP a free run…

YT prediction: UKIP hold-250

Aveley and Uplands

Georgette Polley – Conservative

Judith Pothecary – Labour

Luke Spillman – UKIP


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