Friday, March 24, 2023

Thurrock UKIP councillor suspended after complaint of "torrent of abuse" in council e-mails

A THURROCK UKIP councillor has been suspended after an allegation that he sent offensive e-mails to a local resident.

Copies of e-mails allegedly sent by East Tilbury councillor, James Baker, appeared on a Facebook page called "Your East Tilbury".

A resident opened a thread stating that they were appalled at the communication sent to them by cllr Baker, who was elected as a councillor in May 2015.

The resident put the conversation in context as they alleged that the correspondence related to incidents at the Bata Club in East Tilbury on Friday night (April 29th).

The resident only published extracts of communication made from cllr Baker’s Thurrock Council e mail address but they included a stream of foul and abusive language including the line "F… you and f… all of you."

The e-mails appear to be from

The resident did not publish their part (if any) of the e-mail conversation.

YT has contacted both cllr Baker and the Thurrock UKIP group leader, Graham Snell in order that they may put their side of the story.

A Thurrock UKIP spokesperson said: "Cllr James Baker has been suspended pending an internal investigation."

Thurrock Council has confirmed to YT that they are aware of the e-mails.

The Facebook thread has been taken down.

YT has reached out to the "complainer" but they have yet to reply.


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