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Grays childminder receives Outstanding Ofsted report

A GRAYS childminder has received an Outstanding report by Ofsted.

The government watchdog visited Tina Scott, a Kent Road-based childminder in April, 2016 and made the following observations

1. The quality of teaching is outstanding. Assessments of children’s progress are precise and effectively inform planning to offer children individualised learning. The well- qualified childminder differentiates and extends activities to suit children’s specific needs.

2. Children are exceptionally well prepared for their next steps in learning, including the move on to school. The childminder demonstrates excellent skills in developing children’s social skills, communication and language, which supports their strong progress in other areas of learning.

3. Children are eager to participate in this wonderfully calm yet active setting. They are enthusiastic learners who enjoy their investigations alongside the childminder, who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop.

4. Children’s personal development and well-being are very effectively supported by the warm and affectionate care given to them by the childminder. Children demonstrate a real sense of belonging. They are confident, capable and visibly flourish in her care.

5. There are exceedingly strong partnerships with parents, who are fully involved in their children’s learning and are well informed on ways to support learning at home. The childminder actively listens to children and parents. She values their views and acts on what they say.

6. The highly experienced childminder displays exceptional commitment to providing an outstanding provision. She has a strong vision of how to continue to drive improvement and respond to the needs of the children and their families.


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