Monday, May 27, 2024

Travellers return to Grays Beach Park

GRAYS’ residents are up in arms (again) after it appears that travellers have been allowed to unlawfully encamp swear to Grays Beach park.

Residents used social media to alert both Essex Police and Thurrock Council after they saw a number of vehicles driving onto the fields.

Previous occupations have left a trail of litter and destruction onto a well-used play area.

Essex Police’s Chief Inspector, Leigh Norris went onto Twitter to say he would look into it.

The usual procedure is for the Essex Council Traveller Unit (ECTU) to issue a form of eviction notice.

Some politicians have asked for Thurrock to follow Harlow Council’s lead in applying for an injunction but it may not be as simple as that.

But what may be interesting is to see what steps, beyond the usual cat and mouse eviction, Thurrock Council has actually taken.


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