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More than 17,000 people respond to Essex County Fire and Rescue’s largest ever consultation

By Eric White

MORE than 17,000 people have responded to the questions posed as part of Essex County Fire and Rescue’s largest ever consultation.

The 2020 Change 2016-2020 Consultation was launched on February 1 and ran for 12 weeks. It asked people to give a view on which of three possible options for the future they preferred, with thousands giving a response.

A document which outlines the methods, results and findings of the consultation was published today (27th May).

The report, which was created by Opinion Research Services, analysed data from consultation responses, petitions and letters received by the Service as well as a series of focus group sessions.

It presents the opinions of residents and stakeholders across Essex on the proposed options for change.

A full set of papers will be published for the Essex Fire Authority meeting on Wednesday June 8, where a decision on the options for change will be taken. They will be available online on Wednesday June 1.

You will be able to find them here:


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