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Blogpost: Europe-Remaining in is the only option

Blogpost: Remaining In by Martin Healy

IT IS a very big decision that UK voters will make on Thursday June 23. Mr Cameron says it’s more important than a general election. What is it then, something important like where to watch England play in the Euros. No it is the neverendum referendum to decide whether the UK remains or leaves the European Union (EU).

Just the basics for now then, the European Union is a political and economic union incorporating 28 countries stretching from Sweden and Finland in the north across Europe to Poland in the easy and southwest to Spain and Portugal. Originally, in the 1950s the European Economic Community had just six countries. The UK and Ireland joined in 1972 and both countries have been members ever since.

The economic arguments are being made by both sides but Economists overwhelmingly back the UK remain campaign. However the UK leave campaign have some strong emotive arguments and their campaign is louder and the Brexit supporters are much keener. Brexit,, incidentally, is the nickname that the media have given to a possible British exit from the EU.

I for one have always been a strong supporter of remaining in Europe. I grew up in one European country, I live and work in UK, another European country, 75% of my firms trade is with various EU countries. I have friends and colleagues working throughout the EU. Our working rights and travel freedoms have been greatly enhanced by being members of the EU. We all benefit greatly from the free movement of goods, services and people throughout the 500 million EU market. I would be like a turkey voting for Christmas if I voted for the UK to leave the European Union. Nah, you are simply wrong this time Boris, you are wrong Farage. Vote leave is just symptomatic of some long held grievances in the Conservative Party. Ignore these lot and vote remain in this neverendum referendum on Thursday June 23.

Martin Healy

Chafford Labour.


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