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Details of restrictions to use of Dartford Crossing this weekend

DRIVERS using the Dartford Crossing over coming weekends are advised to look out for a series of slow-moving, abnormal loads that will be using the Crossing as part of their journey.

Three transformers are being moved overnight from Littlebrook Power Station to Thamesport on the Isle of Grain in Kent on the evenings of Saturday 4 June, Saturday 16 July and Sunday 24 July.

While the loads are at the crossing, traffic will be temporarily held for up to 30 minutes depending on the progress of the loads. Drivers planning journeys during these periods should allow extra time for their journeys.

The loads are too heavy to use the A206 Cotton Lane bridge over the A282 at junction 1a and therefore will need to use parts of the A282 and its crossovers to travel from the west side of the junction to the east side.

The loads will enter the northbound A282 against the flow of traffic, via the northbound exit slip road. They will travel northbound before then using the crossover from the northbound carriageway to the southbound, usually used when the tunnel is used for southbound traffic. The load will then exit the A282 at junction 1a using the southbound exit slip road.

The loads will be moved over a series of weekends, as follows:

Saturday 4 June

Saturday 16 July

Sunday 24 July

Each weekend, the load is expected to reach Dartford at around 9pm, subject to traffic conditions. Normal conditions at the Crossing should be resumed by 9.30pm.

Drivers are advised to plan their journeys and allow extra time if required.

Highways England provides live traffic information via its website (www.highways.gov.uk/traffic-information), local and national radio travel bulletins, electronic road signs and mobile platforms, such as Android and iPhone apps.


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