Friday, February 23, 2024

Blogspot: EU Referendum-Vote Leave for Freedom, democracy, liberty and sovereignty

Blogspot: By Cllr Luke Spillman

FREEDOM, democracy, liberty and sovereignty could be set to win the referendum. However in order to secure this we must vote to leave on the 23rd June.

I have great hopes for a post EU Britain. Finally we’ll be able to tackle youth unemployment, the housing crisis, GP appointment waiting times, school place shortages and look after our environment.

We’ll be free to trade with the world, protect industries, properly fund our armed services and look after our veterans.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your fellow citizens. Believe in Britain.

However a vote for Brexit will have a positive influence on Europe and the wider world.

Inevitably the European Central Bank will soon force the removal of yet another elected European leader in exchange for a bail out. They will do so in order to protect the interests of multinational finance.

They will enforce more austerity on a level we can’t even begin to imagine on this poor nation. They will forcibly strip any remaining assets owned by the people. They may force the government of that nation to do what they did in Cyprus and remove money from people’s bank accounts without their permission.

This country may be Greece, Italy, Portugal or France. It may turn out to be the UK. Who knows it may even be the NHS which is carved up and sold off. The EU is already considering trading it off in TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

If you vote to leave you will send a message that you’re not willing to tolerate this sort of behaviour anymore. If you vote remain then I’m afraid that to some extent the actions of these corporate vampires will be in your name.

Many in the Labour Party seem to think that the country is safer in the hands of the unelected EU commission. This being the only European body who has the power to draft, make and propose law within the EU. A body we can’t elect, can’t remove and which is almost entirely unaccountable. Only UKIP seem to be fighting for working people these days.

The European project has become the ultimate crony capitalist cartel. It sucks the wealth of working people into the hands of the elites. It drives workers from east to west to destroy working conditions and force down wages. It keeps African nations poor by preventing them from being able to trade with Europe.

Vote Leave on 23rd June and make Britain a beacon of democracy, liberty and freedom. We will show the rest of Europe that people can stand up against big business and the unelected bureaucrats of the EU.


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