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Grays Athletic launch community share scheme

GRAYS Athletic Football club held it’s community share launch last week at the Chadwell Village Hall in front of a packed crowd. The club’s supporters are seeking to take ownership of the club after former owner and beneficiary Andy Swallow took the decision to step away from the day to day and financial running of the club towards the end of the 2015/16 season.

In front of well over 100 supporters and interested parties Life president Glyn Jarvis and interim Chairman Steve Skinner explained to the gathered supporters the finer details of the the plans to take control of the club and become a supporters owned club. James Mathie from Supporters Direct who is helping the club with the transition was on hand to explain the benefits of a supporters owned club having previously worked with such supporter owned clubs as AFC Wimbledon and FC Manchester United.

During the meeting supporters were told that to enable the supporters to take ownership a figure of £30,000 will need to be raised by the end of July to gain approval from the FA and Ryman League. The working group of supporters went on to reveal that supporters will be able to buy shares in the club and it is hoped that as many supporters as possible will get behind the community share offer and make their dream a reality.

Supporters are being offered the opportunity to become members of the newly formed Grays Athletic Community Football club by purchasing shares in the club. A membership fee of £30 will be available, this will go towards the running of the club and £1 of that membership fee will become the supporters vote in the newly formed democratic organisation. There is also the opportunity to purchase community shares in the club to the amount of £10,000.

A spokesman for the club said: "We have had some fantastic feed back since the share launch and our supporters have embraced the community share offer with real gusto. We are extremely excited at the prospect of Grays Athletic becoming a supporters owned club, you only have to look at the recent success of AFC Wimbledon to see the benefits of a club being run by its supporters. £30,000 is a large amount of money but we are confident that we can raise the required funds to meet the FA and league approvals by the end of July. We would like to invite all our supporters to get behind the community share offer and become active members of this fantastic football club"

To become a member and purchase shares in Grays Athletic Community football club go to www.graysathletic.co.uk where you can download an information pack and share application form


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