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East Tilbury community upset after second set of conifers stolen in as many weeks

EAST Tilbury residents are upset and angry after a set of prized conifers have been stolen.

The 30 conifers were stolen from outside Stanford House on Princess Margaret Road in East Tilbury on Sunday night.

Thye had been planted by dedicated local residents who were determined to keep the place looking pretty.

This is the second time in as many weeks that plants have been stolen and has caused a great deal of upset.

A spokesperson said: "All that we wanted to do was show a little civic pride in our area but instead thieves have tried to destroy what we do.

They came two weeks ago and stole plants. We replaced them with conifers but around 11pm on Sunday night (July 3rd) they stole them again.

"We do have CCTV footage. It looks like a white transit has pulled up and a white male, wearing a hoodie has taken the plants. They have then driven away in the Linford direction.

"We are very upset. We take pride in our area and don’t want to give top but it is very hard when thieves do this.


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