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Blogpost: On the contrary-"Jeremy Corbyn could win a snap election"

Blogpost: By Scott Nelson

Jeremy Corbyn could win a snap General Election, the Labour coup is designed to sabotage his chances


Left-wing politics continues to grow in post-Brexit Britain. David Cameron and the Tory and Labour Remain Campaigns severely underestimated people’s true feelings about the EU and immigration, but Brexit was also about the last decade in Britain.

Working class communities have been hit hard since Tony Blair introduced an open door immigration policy and the situation has worsened under Cameron. Local infrastructure remains to be under immense pressure; housing waiting lists are getting longer; the NHS is on the brink of collapse; classroom sizes continue to grow and GP surgeries are struggling to deliver healthcare. All of these issues are critical and need to be factored into the Brexit vote.

Blair is the reason why Labour has become toxic in working class areas, communities feel disconnected with the party and also feel that the party does not listen and does not care. When I campaigned for Labour in Thurrock, the aforementioned issues regularly came up on the doorsteps and people personally held Blair and Cameron responsible. Working class communities like Thurrock have turned to UKIP because it was the only party people felt was listening and addressing their concerns seriously. Nigel Farage may well be a Thatcherite but he used the right language which is how he was able to reach out to working class communities and gain their trust.

When the global economic downturn rocked Britain’s economy in 2008, hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs were lost and life became very difficult for working class communities. Labour was blamed for the crash, but it was actually the bankers who caused it, the very people who are still living a good life at our expense.

Since 2010, people like you and me have been held accountable for the 2008 crash in the form of Tory austerity. Working class communities are still struggling despite the crash hitting Britain 8 years ago, and Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. The gap between Britain’s rich and poor is at its widest ever which has caused the biggest rise in inequality never seen on the current scale. Naturally, people are still feeling very angry and they finally got their voices heard on 23 June 2016 when 17 million voted for Brexit, and I was one of them.

After over a decade of feeling disenfranchised by Labour and by politics on the whole, a new era began on 12 September 2015 when Jeremy Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected as Labour leader. Corbyn has filled a huge void created by Blair and Cameron, but working class people now have a leader they are looking up to and have a lot of trust and faith in.

Corbyn has reached out to the millions of working class people who want change, the very people who have been hit hard by Tory austerity. These people have had enough of being treated like second class citizens and are sick and tired of the Establishment. Yet, despite the endless attacks against Corbyn by the Tories, Blairites and the gutter press, he has energised left-wing politics and the Left is growing stronger. The Establishment is petrified of Corbyn because he poses a big threat and that is why he has been under constant attack.

The attacks against Corbyn have been personal, vile and vicious. First he was labelled a terrorist sympathiser and that never worked; then an anti-Semitic smear campaign was launched against him and his supporters and that also never worked, and this is why the so-called Labour coup has been launched against him. But despite these attacks, Corbyn has remained defiant, positive and focussed on fighting Tory austerity, Trident and forming a new economic strategy which will benefit everyone and not just a few. These go against the principles of the Establishment and that is why they fear Corbyn and the Left coming to power and taking control.

Labour has performed brilliantly under Corbyn across the country, particularly in London, Wales and the North of England. Parliamentary and local by-election results show huge swings to Labour at the expense of the Tories and UKIP, yet none of these successes are widely celebrated by Labour or by the gutter press – and it does not take much to work out why.

Corbyn has huge support behind him and he has recently attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters at rallies held across the country in his honour. Corbyn also has the backing of the Trade Unions and even the SNP has come to his defence against the Blairite-led Labour coup. TUSC and the SWP have also come to his defence.

Theresa May will be sworn in as Britain’s new Prime Minister this week and already Labour and the Lib Dems are calling for a snap election despite both parties being in disarray and completely unelectable at this moment in time. In the even of a snap election, both Labour and the Lib Dems are likely to perform worse than they did in 2015 which would result in the Tories gaining an even bigger majority.

Now is not the right time for a snap election because Labour is in crisis. The party should have united behind Corbyn and focused on a snap election but instead has decided that an unnecessary leadership challenge is more important. The timing of the leadership campaign is deliberate and is designed to undermine Corbyn’s authority and sabotage his chances of being elected as Prime Minister and forming a strong left-wing Labour government.

Blairites are clearly out of their depth if they think Blairism is the answer to Britain’s problems, and it is clear they are out of touch with working class communities. If Blairites did their research and visited working class areas, they would soon learn that Blairism is widely opposed and that they are the problem, they are the reason why Labour has become a toxic brand and they are the reason why over 1 million Labour supporters turned to UKIP in 2015. But they do not care and they have demonstrated that they are not prepared to listen.

Chilcot was a devastating indictment on Blair and his legacy, it has effectively killed Blairism once and for all. That said, Blairites continue to defend their warmongering idol and still think that rewinding back to 1997 is the answer to Britain’s problems.

If Blairism was popular then there would be rallies held across the country attracting thousands of supporters. I have yet to see one rally in honour of Angela Eagle, surrounded by thousands of supporters.

The Labour Party is in serious trouble and its problems have been caused by scheming Blairites who are only interested in their own self-interests, and if the party splits it will be their fault. In my opinion, Labour should split which will allow the Blairites to form their own Red Thatcherite party.

This is the scenario that would regularly occur at Westminster: While Corbyn’s Labour votes against more Tory austerity, against Trident and against Britain invading another Islamic country, Eagle and her Red Thatcherite party will be supporting or abstaining these crucial votes. That is the difference between Corbyn and Eagle: he has integrity and he puts ordinary people first, while her job is to appease floating Tory voters and the Establishment.

Written by Scott Nelson, former Labour Party member

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