Saturday, April 1, 2023

Gateway Learning Community celebrates its 100% attenders

PUPILS from all of the GLC schools, who had 100% attendance from September 2015 through to May 2016, were treated to a fun day at the Gateway Academy recently, including bouncy castles, slides and football. Even the Ormiston Families’ mascot, Ormi the Bee, paid a visit to the pupils, who were delighted to see another appearance of the now famous mascot.

227 pupils were rewarded with a special day, just in time for the sunshine to make the day extra special. It has been proven that lack of attendance to school can make it difficult for pupils to make and keep friendship groups and result in academic underachievement.

Group Education Welfare Officer, Dominic Davison, said “This was the fourth year for this incentive and we are delighted that so many pupils achieved the 100% attendance mark. We will be continuing with this for the years to come. We hope to increase numbers every year. Even when you are small, good attendance makes a big difference!”


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